26/09/19 // Written by Samantha Beckham

Achieve Affordable Fame with Sky AdSmart

As consumer behaviour continues to change, the way we reach and successfully engage audiences changes too and so, we must adapt our advertising efforts to reflect this.  

TV advertising is automatically linked to bigger, renowned brands due to the cost and mass market appeal. However, traditional methods of TV advertising only work if someone is watching. We often wait for the adverts to nip off and make a cup of tea, go to the loo or grab a snack. Moreover, TV companies such as Sky and Now TV offer playback features allowing users to fast forward through adverts altogether. That is, if you’re still watching TV at all! With streaming and on demand services including NetflixITV Hub and All 4 available across numerous platforms, the ease of watching your programmes wherever you want, whenever you want is becoming the norm.  

Ofcom reported that TV streaming services overtook traditional pay TV for the first time in 2018 and as a result, brands are seeing less ROI from advertising through this medium. However, just like other marketing tactics, TV advertising is evolving. Sky AdSmart is offering brands, big and small, the opportunity to target specific audiences during live TV breaks, serving different ads to diverse, targeted households. This unique addition to programmatic advertising empowers businesses to deliver relevant messaging to the right people at the right time.  

What is Sky AdSmart? 

Sky AdSmart is creating the opportunity for all business to capitalise on the benefits of linear TV advertising at a fraction of the cost. Combining the authority of TV with the granular targeting and reportability of digital allows brands to advertise to a specific audience through a mass medium. Engaging your desired market is made easy with Sky’s advanced targeting ability based on age, location, lifestyle and even pet ownership.  

Using this platform can elevate your brand in a cost-efficient way enabling you to achieve affordable fame with the people that matter most – your target audience. Advertising on TV creates trust between the viewer and the brand and trust is an important part of driving profits.  

Why choose Sky AdSmart over traditional TV advertising?

What is it that makes Sky AdSmart more effective than linear TV advertising and should your business be using it? As we know, being noticed within a saturated, competitive market is challenging but TV advertising can help you achieve a competitive edge, placing your brand within a premium and impactful space. However, this isn’t typically achievable for all brands due to the cost and resources behind getting your content seen on TV.

Linear TV sees viewers tune into a specific channel for a programme at its scheduled time. As a result, adverts are less targeted, usually based on viewer ratings, time of day and the typical generic audience. Additionally, actual viewership is estimated, and the location of the viewers is unclear. When brands pay for adverts through traditional TV, the cost is estimated, based on projections which consider the potential viewing rates at specific times, wasting expenditure and delivering a minimal ROI as the right people may not even see your advert. This is where Sky AdSmart differs.

The expansion of Sky AdSmart into Sky and Virgin Media households means businesses can serve addressable advertising campaigns to 30 million individuals which makes up 40% of TV households. Using this platform, brands can boost engagement from their ads by more than a third and cut channel switching by half. Delivering relevant and engaging content isn’t just beneficial to the advertiser but also broadcasters and viewers too.

A cost-efficient advertising method, Sky AdSmart means you don’t pay for your advert to be aired unless it has been viewed full screen on a main TV set for at least 75% of its duration, reducing unnecessary expenditure for your business. Sky has a list of channels that are currently ‘AdSmartable’ with the most recent being Channel 4. Showing your ad to your chosen audience no matter the time, day or programme is an engaging advertising method. You are no longer restricted to the mass market, instead, this service delivers the right message to the right people at the right time.

Sky AdSmart is a leap forward for TV advertising, allowing brands to share impactful content while keeping their target audience at the core through refined audience targeting and optimised brand reach. Since its release, over 1,000 businesses have used TV as an advertising platform for the first time. As advertising methods advance to keep up with the fast pace of the digital world, businesses must evolve alongside to ensure content is reaching people in the most effective methods possible. Contact us if you would like to learn more about this platform and how it could fit into your marketing strategy.