17/01/13 // Written by admin

Blogging: Which Days of the Week are Best?

We all know the situation. You’ve written a killer blog post that you think everyone’s going to love, but you can’t quite decide when to put it live. Would it be better to wait until tomorrow? Should you release it in the morning, or maybe in the evening? It’s certainly good that you’ve given consideration to when to publish blog posts, because timing can have a big effect on how successful it is. The days of the week are all different when it comes to who is going to read your blog, and who will interact, so saving your best content for the right days might just be worthwhile.

best day of week to blog


Monday is a gamble, and you can never be totally sure what’s going to happen. It’s often the busiest day of the week, meaning people might not have time to read what you’ve got to say. Less time also means fewer opportunities for interaction. On the other hand, some people might like to start their week by checking up on what you’ve got to say. The only way you’ll figure this one out is by trial and error. Statistics show that work-related blogs are more popular on Mondays.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Tuesday is the start of the midweek run which is ideal for text-heavy blog posts. Your readers are likely to check what you’ve got to say several times a day, and will be most open to reading a few hundred words. This is a good time for news and your general content, though of course it still needs to be of a good quality.


Being the end of the working week for the majority of people, Friday is when people will start winding down. Research suggests that people will be more appreciative of images, infographics and videos on Friday. They’re tired of reading, and are going to respond well to information that’s handed to them on a plate. Readers are also likely to interact on a Friday, which means that this is probably a good day to share your best ideas. Capture that Friday feeling and hopefully you’ll get people spreading your work all over the office.

Saturday and Sunday

Saturdays are often a bit different to the rest of the week. Because people aren’t in their work routine, they are less likely to check out your blog. On the flipside, those that do are far more likely to engage with you because they’ve got more time on their hands. The weekend could be good if you’re wanting to do things a bit differently.

What’s really important to remember is that this information might not be wholly applicable to your own SEO blog. The best thing you can do is to keep track of what happens when you put posts out on different days. Watch how well different posts do, and then you’ll be able to figure out in the future.