Suffering from legacy Shopping problems, Aquascutum’s feed had been 99% disapproved for 4 months leaving them with minimal activity running. With only weeks to go till Black Friday, Ingenuity Digital took over feed management and optimisation to get them up and running again just in time for the most important shopping period of the year.

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    Retail, Fashion

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    Shopping, Feed Build, Feed Management




ROI achieved on
Black Friday


of overall paid revenue
taken over Black Friday


increase in Black Friday
Shopping CVR


increase in Black Friday
Shopping sales


increase in revenue YOY


increase in sales YOY


increase in CVR YOY


increase in traffic YOY

  • Achieve an ROI of 3.1

  • Fix and relaunch Shopping feed

What We Did
  • Start Over

    There was no equity in Aquascutum’s legacy feed and as a result, we needed to build an entirely new shopping feed from scratch. Alongside this, we leveraged our Shopping expertise, we were able to resolve the redirect issues and item disapprovals.

  • Feed Optimisation

    We optimised the feed following our standard best practice to ensure that all relevant attributes were in place.

    In addition, custom code was written and added to the feed which now pulls in all the product different variants, overall increasing Aquascutum’s product offering available through Shopping.

  • Test and Go Live

    Meeting the exceptionally tight timescales, we successfully launched the test campaign with no issues the day before Black Friday!

    Media spend was ramped up as Aquascutum’s sale went live at 00:01 on 23/11/18 ready for Black Friday to commence.