Hunters Properties are a well-established real estate and letting agent. With a strong presence across England and a growing one in Wales, Hunters wanted to continuously expand their reach. Focusing on lead generation and brand awareness, we worked with Hunters to help them achieve their objectives.

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  • Website

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    Paid Social


CPC decrease


engagement increase


higher volume of conversions

  • Drive volume of leads

  • Reach relevant prospects at the right time

  • Increase brand awareness

What we did
  • Understanding objectives

    To deliver Hunters with next-level results, we first needed to understand their key objectives and focus areas. Identifying lead generation as their top priority, we homed in on which channels would support their goals and increase leads for those looking to get a property valuation. Choosing to run campaigns across Meta, we had a two-pillar approach – brand awareness and lead generation campaigns.

  • Increasing brand awareness  

    Focusing on top of the funnel for brand awareness, we were able to drive cheaper traffic to Hunters site. First on the agenda, identifying which audiences were a priority and then splitting them into segments to measure their performance. Metrics such as impression, clicks, costs and click-through rates were measured. Alongside this, we continuously track the volume of users through GA4 that land on-site through paid social ads.  

    Armed with this data, we could create lookalike audiences based on website, CRM and social data. This enabled us to find more UK users with similar interests and behaviours to Hunters’ existing audience.  

    Using fresh creatives and the information from audience testing, we targeted these new audiences to increase awareness of the Hunters brand online.  

  • Driving conversions

    Driving conversions was a priority from the offset. Testing a variety of audience segments throughout the campaign meant we could be confident that our campaigns were covering the whole customer funnel – lookalikes, prospecting and remarketing. Through consistent audience testing, month on month, we were able to improve the efficiency of the account while driving a higher volume of leads for Hunters.  

    Alongside stringent audience testing, we delivered engaging creatives that were refreshed throughout the campaign to prevent creative fatigue. Through the combination of rigorous testing and new creatives, we ensured Hunters’ messaging was reaching the relevant people at the right time while encouraging them to reach out to the team at Hunters.