One of the UK’s leading suppliers of decorative lighting, Lights4fun are a longstanding client. After a successful few years, Lights4fun wanted to switch up their approach to see continued success in an increasingly competitive landscape.  

We worked with their team to deliver an integrated strategy, using our full suite of digital marketing tactics to supercharge their performance online. 

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    PPC, Display, Shopping, Remarketing, Programmatic


impressions for our programmatic campaign


revenue uplift in paid search


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  • Improve overall visibility online

  • Increase conversion rates

  • Reach new, highly relevant audiences

  • Hit high revenue targets

What we did
  • Understanding the assignment

    The online retail landscape is more turbulent than ever before. With a cost-of-living crisis to contend with, inflation and increased competition in the home décor space – Lights4fun knew achieving their targets for peak meant their strategy needed to be flipped on its head. 

    Previously relying on PPC to help them reach their financial goals, we wanted to approach their 2023 Q4 slightly differently. With the cost of advertising increasing across Google Ads, for L4F to see the same success as from previous ad campaigns their budget would need to be much higher – effectively negating any benefit from increased investment.  

    The solution? A full-funnel, multi-pronged strategy.  

  • The right audience, the right time

    Visibility in a competitive and oversaturated market is never easy, no matter what sector you’re in. Lights4fun needed to find a way to reach audiences that would resonate with their brand over other mass-produced products that were flooding the market.  

    Switching things up, we redistributed their PPC and Google Ads budget. Adopting a full-funnel strategy, we spread their budget across the key stages of the purchasing journey: awareness, discovery, consideration and action.  

    Focusing on highly relevant audience segmentation, we wanted to create a campaign that reached people with a keen interest in interior decorating and seasonal shoppers.  Using programmatic, paid social and paid search together we helped Lights4fun smash their targets out of the park.  

  • Implementing our full-funnel approach

    Using programmatic to support the awareness stage, we ran two 30-second lifestyle video campaigns. Focusing on Halloween and Christmas, we targeted audiences likely to engage with their messaging and with 78% of viewers watching the whole video, it was clear we were heading in the right direction. Alongside our video creative, we drip-fed banners and ads, ensuring Lights4fun remained at the forefront of shoppers’ minds. 

    Supplementing our programmatic efforts we ran paid social campaigns, making sure we were consistent across the different platforms our target shoppers were using. Homing in on Pinterest as a key focus area, we wanted to tap into the mindset of their visual and goal-oriented audience.  

    Keeping the brand at the forefront of users’ minds was imperative, so we changed tact with our Meta advertising focusing on awareness rather than conversion. Removing high targets for ROI, we instead looked at the platform as a form of marketing. With this new strategy came surprising, and welcome, results.