Petit Bateau is a global designer brand, offering quality clothing that combines French style with playful designs to children of all ages, as well as their parents. Founded in France in 1893, the company now operates in 72 countries around the world, with over 350 stores and 3,200 franchise retail outlets.

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    Petit Bateau

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    Retail, Fashion

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    SEO, Outreach


increase in organic
search visibility


increase in organic traffic


increase in revenue generated
from organic traffic

  • Improve visibility in organic search for non-branded keywords

  • Increase organic traffic

  • Promote the website through blogger engagement and social interactions

  • Increase revenue from organic traffic

  • Increase online brand awareness

What We Did
  • SEO Profile

    In an effort to improve the overall online presence of Petit Bateau’s website, our search engine optimisation experts began thoroughly picking apart the structure and content of the site. From this, we were able to make several onsite recommendations to boost the SEO profile of the site, including content creation for top category pages, and title tags to help search engines find the brand online.

  • Tertiary Phrases

    Alongside these improvements, we also began increasing the prevalence of tertiary phrases throughout the site. Phrases such as ‘newborn baby clothes UK’ would draw in a more specific segment of the company’s target audience who were at a later stage in the buying process. By tailoring the SEO in this way, organic search traffic was far more likely to increase conversion rates.

  • Continued Growth

    During the course of our relationship so far, we have already seen promising results from the SEO campaign, with more and more keywords ranking on page one, and huge growth in online visibility and revenue as a result.