29/04/20 // Written by TomMitchell

COVID-19: Content ideas for (almost) every industry

It’s a strange time to be creating content. Strategists are frantically reviewing plans, weighing up what no longer works and what should replace it. Writers are painstakingly choosing their words, perhaps debating whether to write anything at all.

Yet the truth is that content consumption is on the up. Early research points to significant increases in usage across all in-home channels as we turn to the internet for news, social interaction, and entertainment. There’s little expectation that brands should stop talking, but it’s important to read the room.

Every update is now shared within the context of the pandemic and the changes it has brought to our daily lives. That makes many topics inappropriate or irrelevant. But, at the same time, people are searching for the answers to questions they’ve never asked before. Or at least never in these circumstances. They need trustworthy information from reputable sources – and that’s where your brand can come in.

Analysing Google Trends and what’s performing well on social media will help identify where to focus your efforts. If you’re struggling for inspiration, however, you’ll find a selection of trending topics in some of our key sectors below to get you started.


The economic effect of coronavirus is a crucial concern after people’s health and safety. Most businesses, and their employees, are facing unprecedented disruption.

With the finer details of the Government’s intervention still being worked out, people are looking for clear and comprehensive information on a variety of topics. Google closely scrutinises financial content, so refer to our finance writing tips before getting started.

Business finance

Interest in business finance spiked in the week the Government released its plans to protect the UK economy. Business owners want to understand how they can take advantage of the various schemes available – and what their other options are should they need them. The information they need is likely to vary by business size and industry.


The graph above shows a rise in searches for ‘business interruption insurance’ as owners seek clarification on their existing policies. Similar increases can be seen for related topics such as life and renter’s insurance as people research how to protect themselves financially.


There may be fewer safe investments out there right now. But the volatility in stock and forex markets can create attractive opportunities for some. Investors and traders are searching for expert advice, as shown by the increase in searches for ‘what to invest in now’.


Businesses and individuals are looking to understand their rights during the outbreak. Law can be an intimidating subject at the best of times. As such, content needs to strike a balance between authority and empathy. Use our writing tips for the legal sector as a guide.

Employment law

The graph above shows that even the word ‘furlough’ is new to most people. Businesses want to understand how to access the Government’s job retention scheme. Employees, on the other hand, need to know where they stand over the coming months. Other topics could include how to enable employees to work from home.

Risk management

Coronavirus risk management may become a new service for many legal firms. Business owners will have questions on commercial contracts, health and safety, cyber security, and more.

Family law

It’s predicted that the lockdown will drive a spike in divorce cases, following a trend already seen in some parts of China. Other contentious issues include lockdown custody – featured in the graph above – and domestic abuse.


The travel industry is one of the hardest hit by the current crisis, as businesses, consumers, and tourism organisations deal with enforced cancellations.

Much of the demand for content relates to official travel advice and refunds – but there are opportunities to inspire too. A recent Skyscanner survey found that 60 percent of travellers are optimistic they will travel internationally in 2020.

Refunds and insurance

A spike in interest for ‘travel refunds’ shows would-be holiday makers want to know what will happen with money paid out for flights and accommodation. Some hope to learn if their trips can be rescheduled, as well as the latest updates regarding their chosen destination.

Virtual travel

Virtual travel is growing in popularity as people search for ways to satisfy their travel bug while stuck at home. Many museums, galleries, and local tourism organisations are offering virtual tours and will appreciate any extra promotion. Lists of the best travel books, travel TV shows, alongside international cuisines and recipes are also in demand.

Fashion, hair, and beauty

We may not have social events to dress up for, but video calls and a desire to maintain routine mean we still want to look and feel our best. Opportunities for fashion and beauty businesses include:


Interest in loungewear has boomed as people search for comfortable outfits while working from home. Other trending categories include fitness clothing, online deals, and outfits for lockdown dating.

DIY hair and beauty treatments

Regular hair and beauty appointments are another part of most people’s routines deemed impossible by social distancing. As a result, people are looking for helpful guides on topics such as home haircuts (shown above), nail designs, and DIY spa treatments.

Real estate

The virus is impacting property developers, homeowners, landlords, tenants, and estate agents in different ways. This leaves a wealth of content waiting to be created for each audience.

The property market

Lockdown restrictions pose a logistical problem for normal property viewing, mortgage, and conveyancing processes. Your business may be able to offer guidance and alternatives such as virtual house viewings – interest for which has spiked in recent weeks.

Landlord and renter issues

Searches around ‘coronavirus rent’ have increased, with tenants and landlords looking for advice as the situation unfolds. The Government has already announced protective measures and breaking down any future updates could provide further reassurance.

What can you give away for free?

Brands across all industries are releasing free resources in an effort to build and maintain relationships with consumers while side-lined. From training courses to audiobooks, this includes lots of new content, as well as existing content previously limited to paying customers or subscribers.

Alongside or on top of the topics listed above, review what you can give away to help people at home or online. Doing so will help keep you front-of-mind once normality returns, while enabling you to grow your database too.

And if all else fails? Look for opportunities to share positivity. The headlines have become understandably one-dimensional recently, leading to a spike in searches for ‘good news’.

Think about how any of these ideas can apply to your brand – and keep your content going.

If you need help with any aspects of your digital marketing in light of COVID-19, we’re here to help you adapt by offering free digital drop-in sessions. Get in touch today to set yours up.