20/09/12 // Written by admin

Earning Trust through Effective Content Marketing

Eric Ward recently discussed the notion that really there is no such thing as a trusted link. What he meant was that trust cannot be manufactured; it must be earned through quality content that your target market wants to read, engage with and recommend. As a result, content marketing should be your main focus and high quality links should be attracted naturally.
Trustometer Infographic Link Trust
If your main focus is to systematically build links to gain Google’s trust and rank higher, you are effectively shooting yourself in the foot in the long run. When thinking about earning trust in your site and your content, you need to focus on the people behind the sites. Focus on the long term link building strategy and the pursuit of high quality links. This can be achieved by building close relationships with people through effective content marketing.
How to earn trust through effective content marketing:
  • Target user personas that have the power to link to you but who also have similar personas to your target market.
  • Write about the things that really matter to your niche thenpromote it through relevant social media channels and a variety of mediums. This may include Google, Twitter, Facebook or display.
  • Keep your content fresh, relevant and interesting to encourage likes, plus 1’s and mentions from high quality sites within your industry.
  • Engage with and develop close relationships with industry influencers and promote their content to encourage the promotion of yours.
  • Promote different types of content assets to ensure you have a range of content assets that attract a wider pool of people within your niche. This may include guest posts, blog posts, press releases, applications, tools or videos.
  • Make your content easy to find and easy to share. Ensure your content marketing strategy builds around this idea as great quality content can’t be trusted if it can’t be found to begin with.
Whatever approach you take to content marketing, your strategy should be tailored to your brand and particular niche. If you want your site to become a trusted authority within your niche, earning high quality links and recommendations from your industry peers, talk to one of our team today and find out how you can achieve it through a comprehensive content marketing strategy.