28/01/18 // Written by Emma Phillips

Maximising Social, PR and Influencers in the Fashion Industry

Social media, PR and influencers all have a huge impact on success within the Fashion industry, helping brands stand out from the crowd.

Word of mouth marketing, especially stemming from the opinion of authoritative influencers in the field, can drive sales much more than paid media. Fashion PR and social media go hand in hand, with influencer involvement boosting brand awareness and reputation.

Uniqueness & Originality

With so many blogs and posts out there, originality is the ultimate objective, but ‘me too’ content and predictable posts (think just how many avocado on toast Instagram posts you’ve seen!) is a trap many fall suspect to. When identifying influencers to work with, not only should you consider that all-important alignment with your brand image, you’re also looking for someone with real talent, whose authenticity shines through and who doesn’t just simply follow the crowd.

Social Community

To be of the most value to your brand, an influencer must have a voice of their own and a sizeable following relevant to your brand. While they don’t have to be a master of every channel, you should look for an influencer who not only has a solid following on at least one major social media platform, but who also shows determination for their channel to thrive and actively engages with their followers.

A tightly-knit social community share everything, creating hashtags, running competitions, and some even create their own resources – these are the influencer communities you want to enlist to help your fashion brand flourish on social media.

Building Trust

It’s unnatural and far too transparent for an influencer to speak of a brand they “just adore” only once; it’s much more genuine however, when you’ve spent time to build trust, getting to know and show interest in your influencers. Collaborating with them on projects will nurture a healthy and mutually profitable relationship.

Sharing is Caring

If an influencer takes the time to tag your brand and curate content, whether you are currently working with them on a project or not, simply sharing their content is quick and easy way to pro-mote your brand whilst showing your appreciation and support to the influencer.

Maximising social, PR and influencers for fashion can at first seem daunting, but when done correctly has a huge impact on brand reputation and awareness. Work with the experts when it comes to boosting your brand’s profile, here at Ingenuity Digital we provide a range of digital services designed to achieve your goals.

Get in touch today to discuss how we can help your brand stand out from the crowd in the fiercely-competitive fashion industry.