19/10/17 // Written by Emma Phillips

Our Favourite Influencers: October Edition

Here at ID, we’re lucky enough to be able to work with some truly amazing and wonderfully creative influencers every single day. Whether we’re creating exciting PR campaigns, running events, working on social media projects or planning our creative outreach projects, we’re proud to have collaborated with some extremely talented stars of the influencer world who have helped us to create some fantastic content for our clients.

It’s been a little while since we shared the last list of our favourite influencers so we thought it was about time we picked out just a few of our October favourites to share with you – and let us tell you, it’s not an easy job to choose! Maybe it’s the season, but there’s definitely an Autumnal theme….

1. Sarah Louise Ferguson

W: www.brassbuttonsandconfidence.com
I: www.instagram.com/sarah_louise_ferg

“Scottish Borders based Sarah is a mother, wife and all round creative type who never ceases to impress us with the innovative ideas behind her content. Each square on her Instagram feed is carefully curated and quite frankly magical – this gal can make even the simplest of everyday objects into something quite special.”

2. Alex Ivory

YT: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLFHZrTA3DwTVPx7DRcWy2g
I: www.instagram.com/iivvorryy

“What can we say about the images Alex Ivory creates other than, Oh. My. Lord. *Insert heart-eye-emoji*. He may be more of a newbie to the influencer scene, but this local-to-us photographer has some serious talent. The hues of his images are beyond perfect and are reminiscent of 8mm movie footage from the 70s and whether he’s shooting the breathtaking scenery of Canada or photographing other influencers for creative collaborations, he seems to get it right every single time. Watch this space as we’re pretty sure this guy will go far!”

3. Jessica Creswell

W:  www.thewoodlandwife.co.uk
I: www.instagram.com/thewoodlandwife

“The Woodland Wife is a parenting and lifestyle blog with a difference. Jessica and her family may have possibly the most idyllic life you could imagine – their gorgeous home is nestled away in some of the most beautiful English woodlands where she tries to live a simple and sustainable lifestyle surrounded by nature. Her images and content are a reminder of the amazing things we can all find on our doorstep and is likely to leave you longing for a simpler way of life…”

4. Jemma Wade

W: www.littlejemshop.bigcartel.com/
I: www.instagram.com/_jemmawade

“The first thing you’re likely to notice about this flame haired beauty is her incredible hair colour, but this influencer is much more than just great hair. This talented artist shares content of all shapes and sizes, covering everything from beauty, lifestyle, home, art and of course her gorgeous dog! She doesn’t have a blog at the moment, but her Instagram account more than makes up for this.”

5. James Kickinski-McCoy

W: www.bleubirdblog.com
I: www.instagram.com/bleubird

“James aka Bleubird has been on the blogging scene for years but we absolutely adore her and so she just had to make an appearance on this list. James is one of those enviable people who has a naturally amazing style, a gorgeous family (her kids have the best names) and the most beautiful home (to name a few). We’ll warn you now, once you’ve been introduced to her amazing blog and social channels, you’re likely to be hooked pretty quickly – we’re sorry in advance. Oh, and we can’t mention this lady without telling you to check out her wedding video, it’s the stuff of dreams!”

6. Tatyana Bugayeva

W: www.lafotka.com
I: www.instagram.com/lafotka

“Last but by no means least is Estonian native Tatyana. Now residing in Glasgow, Scotland, Tatyana is the epitome of effortless style and is a busy mama to boot. She focusses her channels on her day to day style (please can we have your wardrobe?!) her beloved Scotland and her travels both far and wide. If you’re looking for some style inspiration then Tatyana is most definitely your gal!”

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