20/08/12 // Written by admin

Finding Powerful Influencers in Your Industry

Networking with industry influencers is the key to promoting any new online assets you have that can bring attention to your products or services. Recommendations, reviews and mentions from authoritative individuals can do wonders for your social following, traffic and conversions.

Twitter Tools – Use Twitter analytics tools to find the most influential followers within your niche. Tools like Followerwonk and Simply Measured can help you identify and compare the leading professionals within your industry. Look for individuals with the most relevant followers to your niche in order to help identify your target audience.

Blogger Outreach – Blogger outreach is a great way to network with people that already know powerful influencers within your niche. By developing close relationships with influential bloggers, you can indentify key people in your industry as well as monitor and contribute to their conversations.

Blogger Dating – Blogger dating tools are a great way to find influencers and engage with them. Sites like BlogDash are simple-to-use blogger dashboards that allow you to filter by niche, keywords and more. These kinds of tools allow you to connect with them on a more personal level rather than sending your generic email templates.

Blogger outreach

Blogger Events – Whether you set up your own or simply attend a few yourself, blogger events are still a great way to network with influential people in your niche. Attend industry awards, launch parties for related businesses and start compiling lists of those savvy enough to be there.

Influencer Incentives – Giveaways, reciprocal posts and promotions make for great blogger bait. Consider what you have to offer the influencers in your industry. It is likely they will have been approached before, so a flashy bribe will not always suffice. Avoid common blogger outreach mistakes and spend time really engaging with influencers, showing your interest in helping them as much as yourself.

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