10/07/12 // Written by admin

Google: 61% of Mobile Searches End in a Phone Call

Mobile Searches Yielding Better Conversions?
Mobile searches are set to surpass desktop searches in 2013 as we head towards an impending mobile marketing explosion. According to the latest research by Google, 61% of mobile searches end in a phone call, making mobile sites increasingly important. As mobile searches begin to contribute significantly to annual revenue for many companies, businesses are beginning to take a more concentrated approach to their SEO strategy.
Quality Sites Still Key
Whilst there are no failsafe rules to follow, industry best practices still apply. A quality back link profile and high quality website content should be top priority when it comes to mobile SEO strategy. Companies are however, beginning to switch to more mobile friendly sites that can be found quickly and easily by people using mobile devices. By monitoring their web influenced call traffic more closely, they find that they can receive higher conversion rates and better quality leads where inbound phone calls are the result of mobile searches.
Make it Mobile Friendly
As a result, mobile landing pages should be carefully considered and companies must begin focusing on producing a phone call from their mobile web copy. Just because your website can be viewed on a mobile phone does not necessarily make it mobile friendly. Forget complicated form fields and excessive content, businesses are starting to think short, sharp, informative copy that converts into a call quickly. Click to call buttons are essential, as an action that requires one touch is more likely to result in a phone call to a business.
Google recommend that simple calls to action should be contained within the mobile web copy. By including such phrases as “Call us Today” and “Order Now”, companies can hope to receive better leads and better conversion rates through the increased likelihood of calls. Contact information should be visible and maps should be on hand for easy access to business location. Many businesses already have a Google places listing but few chose to optimise it. Mobile SEO relies heavily on geo-targeting, so ensure that you make the most of the tools available to you.
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