16/09/20 // Written by SophieBaldwin

Is Your Brand Missing Out on Important Social Conversations?

As brands continue to build their presence online, it’s no longer enough to only respond to @mentions on social platforms. If this is all you look out for then you’re most likely missing a variety of messages, other mentions via hashtags and even whole conversations about your brand! 

We get it, it can be a lot of work to check each platform all the time, replying to comments and sifting through notifications. What most brands don’t realise is that there are a number of ways that you can not only monitor this, but also manage the conversations your followers and customers are having on your channels.  

Try social media monitoring 

But what is social media monitoring I hear you ask? I already scroll through my notifications every day. Well this is more than just that. This process entails keeping an eye on your brand’s mentions online and responding to any engagement around it. It’s a reactive strategy that is related to all kinds of activity around your brand, from reviews, product opinions and even complaints.  

The most important thing to remember about social media monitoring is that it’s not only about direct mentions or comments on your posts. It goes further, to posts that talk about your brand without anyone tagging you. As you won’t receive these in your regular notifications, it’s crucial to set up monitoring tools to make sure these don’t slip through the net! 

Consumer conversations can surprise you 

Often as a brand, your focus lays in certain areas that your customers might not be as interested in or don’t think are as important as you do. This is why it’s incredibly important to listen to the conversations your customers are having on your social platforms.  

By listening, you may find there are areas within your social media marketing plan that you need to adapt or change to meet their needs, and also to help you build a better brand persona online.  

Don’t forget that word of mouth is still a powerful tool, and social word of mouth even more so. Think of the social media world as “word of mouth on steroids”. By listening and learning from consumer comments and conversations, brands can only become bigger, better and develop based on exactly what their following and customers want.  

How can I manage conversations around my brand? 

It’s easier than brands think to manage the conversation online. Whether you enlist the help of a digital marketing agency such as Ingenuity Digital, or adopt a more diverse social media strategy, there are many ways to accomplish your goals.  

One tool which has been introduced by Instagram themselves, is to be able to pin a few comments at the top of a feed post. By doing this, a brand is able to ultimately manage the conversation better and have an influence over which comments their followers see first. Whether it’s a constructive comment to initiate a debate (helping to drive more engagement), or positive feedback about a product or service, it’s a positive step forward and great news for many brands out there.  

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