Digital PR

With so much information about your business readily available online, taking a proactive approach to Digital PR gives you the opportunity to take back control, influencing what consumers discover when they search for your brand. PR has long been employed by companies to craft a positive image, but in today’s digital age there’s much more to gain.

Digital PR offers diverse benefits, it not only develops positive references, but it is also a platform for generating interest in your products and services, developing your online footprint and strengthening your brand presence.


As a Digital PR agency in the UK, experience tells us which media outlets will obtain the best coverage for you. We have specialists in SEO and Targeted Outreach who can maximise your PR activities, securing coverage with high authority titles to support your search engine rankings and achieve your business goals.

Building brand awareness among potential clients and customers, our approach to providing Digital PR services has been carefully honed to get your brand noticed. Our experts only target placement that will deliver a return, gaining brand relevant exposure for clients.

As a Digital PR company, we are skilled in executing innovative and creative PR campaigns that capture the imagination. Our specialists leverage our extensive and growing contact list across international, national, regional, consumer and trade media to accelerate digital performance for large, global brands.

Collaborating with you, we’ll unearth the ‘hook’ that’ll deliver, tailoring a Digital PR package to suit your goals and available budget. Keeping your objectives in mind, we continuously measure campaign results, refining your Digital PR strategy as necessary.

More About Our Digital PR Services
  • Press Office

    Whether we use a reactive or proactive approach, our digital PR services always revolve around building awareness, authority and engagement for your business.

    Reactive Press Office: When it comes to the media landscape, speed matters. Our Reactive Press Office ensures the media receive the content they want as soon as it is required. Using industry tools, we identify and leverage worthwhile opportunities, slotting into planned editorial through expert comments, statistics, tips-based content, imagery or product information in response to journalist requests or uncovered through our own media relationships.

    Proactive Press Office: This approach focuses on the creation and distribution of engaging news stories such as partnership announcements, business acquisitions and unique sales data. As an experienced digital PR agency, we push relevant news out to national, regional and relevant industry publications to drive media coverage.

  • E-E-A-T PR

    Content marketing and digital PR are frequently used to strengthen SEO performance. But have you considered combining the two? This pairing can work collaboratively to power your organic presence even further.

    If you’ve already invested in the creation of E-E-A-T content, you will understand the time and resource that goes into it. But once this high-quality content has been produced, many businesses fall into the trap of letting it sit on their website relatively unused.

    Deploying our digital PR services, we use E-E-A-T PR to get even more from your content, marketing it across multiple channels. Our digital PR experts can adapt your extensive E-E-A-T content to create a concise, linkable piece suitable for the press. Using this approach, your SEO-optimised content may rank more than once – through your website and through media coverage.

  • Digital PR Audit

    Using data to drive decisions, means we get more from your digital PR campaigns.

    Whether digital PR is a new tactic for your business or you want to improve the ROI of your digital PR campaigns, our digital PR audit can uncover insights which when leverage ensure your campaigns perform at their best. Providing strategic recommendations, our audit involves:

    – Competitor analysis
    – Backlink analysis and link gap 
    – Domain authority band gap
    – Media feedback

PR Consultancy

The media landscape is ever-changing but the support of a PR specialist will help you navigate it. Key to our digital PR services is direct access to our experts who work with you to craft high-performing, bespoke digital PR campaigns, complemented by ongoing training and support.

Through weekly consultancy calls, face-to-face meetings and training workshops, we determine your needs and flex to your meet your requirements. As a digital PR agency, we have experts who hold many years of industry knowledge which you can leverage to get ahead of your competitors.

Influencer Marketing

Social media influencers are more prevalent than ever. With the ability to impact the perception or habits of their followers through content, they offer unparalleled access to your target audience. 

Focusing on Micro Influencers with smaller, but highly relevant audiences, we deliver effective campaigns to improve brand perception, boost sales and increase awareness of your business.