Google Penalty Removal

From time to time, a business will suffer from a sudden and significant drop in rankings due to a  manual enforced Google penalty. Our technical SEO team are experienced at Google penalty removals and can help to recover organic visibility if you should find yourself in this unfortunate position.  

Google strives to provide users with the highest quality, relevant and useful content that answers their search intent. A manual penalty may be imposed to indicate a site is irrelevant or untrustworthy, placing a restriction on the website which prevents it from ranking highly for certain keywords in the SERPs, or, in more extreme cases, from ranking at all.


If your site has been hit with a penalty you will likely be in need of a Google penalty removal service. Outdated SEO strategies that go against the search engine’s guidelines are typically the main cause for manual penalties and they can have a significant impact on your site’s health and conversions.

A notification in Google Search Console will confirm an action on your website which is often the sign of a manual penalty being received. A penalty will usually be met with a drop in rankings and organic traffic.


Following our five-step process for Google penalty removals, our experts get businesses back on the road to ranking recovery.

– Forensic link audit: Analysis is completed to locate and establish the issue. Our forensic link audit provides the insight required to build a bespoke recovery strategy to reverse the effects of the penalty.

– Link removal: Often, the issue is caused by poor quality links affecting your rankings. If this is found to be the case, our experts work to have them removed from third party websites. This step forms evidence as part of the Google reconsideration request.

– Google disavow: Using Google’s disavow file we can tell the search engine that you don’t want to be associated with the negative links identified in the link audit.

– Reconsideration request: Leveraging our previous experience of working on Google penalty removals, we can help write and file your reconsideration request to give your business the greatest chance of acceptance.

– Ongoing recovery: Continuing work to ensure your SEO performance is no longer being affected by your penalty. With a focus on restoring your rankings and futureproofing your online business, we ensure you’re in the best position possible for future updates.