Shopping allows you to sell your products directly to the shoppers that matter most to your business. Ideal for promoting your inventory online while boosting traffic and generating high-quality leads, our expert team create effective bid strategies that advertise your high-ticket products whilst minimising wasted clicks and spend.

A Google Premier Partner, we use the official Google Marketing Platform (previously DoubleClick) to draw insight from across your paid channels including PPC, Display and Remarketing to create optimised Shopping campaigns. 

Our approach

    Google takes an audience-first approach to content, making it more important than ever to create strategic campaigns that cover each area of the user journey. As a Google Shopping partner, we prioritise research to fully understand the user journey, enabling us to segment Shopping bids based on differing user intent dependent upon their stage in their journey.

    Our approach to providing Google Shopping management services involves smart and sophisticated bidding, basing strategies on what products should get the best conversion rate. We also mirror the language and tone of your customers to get optimum data into your product feed, generating growth and increasing your conversions through Google Shopping ads.


    Our Google Shopping services extend to feed management too. With correct management, a Shopping campaign can outperform generic search through revenue and cost of sales – this is exactly what our team of experts are here to do. By efficiently manipulating, managing, editing and optimising each element within your feed, our Google Shopping feed management can create high performing campaigns which accelerate your performance.

    Proven to increase impressions, clicks and conversions, feed optimisation unlocks potential and new eCommerce channels easier than ever before. Our approach to feed optimisation is quick, affordable and, through a streamlined process, provides the best possible chance of ROI for your Google Shopping ads. Undertaking weekly feed audits, we identify areas of improvement, making these changes without the need for a middle man to ensure your Shopping campaigns are always optimised.


    Through continuous testing and analysis of your Shopping campaigns, we pay particular attention to growing your sales and boosting ROI, ensuring the right products are seen by the right people at the right time.

    Shopping performance dives deeper than campaign management. We scrutinise margin and performance to pinpoint exactly what drives your business’ ROI. This data is then used to optimise your campaigns down to an individual product level. With extensive knowledge in providing both Google shopping feed management and Google shopping campaign management, you can rest assured in Ingenuity Digital’s capabilities to deliver high quality, effective Shopping campaigns.


As online Shopping opportunities continue to expand, additional platforms are beginning to emulate the success of Google Shopping ads. These other platforms, which include Amazon Ads and eBay, make it easier to gain brand and product exposure in just a few clicks.

Harnessing the power of platforms such as Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), our experts can execute powerful campaigns to make the most out of your budget, achieving a lower cost of sale and maximising your ROI. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to Amazon advertising, we pride ourselves on our consultative approach, delivering a tailored strategy designed to get your products and your brand are seen by more users.