27/06/17 // Written by Emma Phillips

Top Instagram Social Influencers You Should be Following

Brands in the Fashion, Luxury Travel and eCommerce industries need to think about their Influencer Marketing approach. Social Media has a profound impact on brands as people engage with influencer-generated content to learn about the latest trends or to decide if they want to buy a particular product or not.

Whether you’re a fan of the term or not, the aptly named “Influencers” are becoming more and more a part of our day to day lives, and the popularity of these sort of new-age celebrities amongst both brands and the average Joe or Josephine is most certainly on the up. From designer clothing to champagne-fuelled events to 5* round the world trips, it seems nearly every type of brand you can think of is reaching out to influencers, hoping to make a positive impact on both them and their dedicated followers.

Due to the nature of our work, whether it’s a large-scale PR project, a social media campaign or as part of our creative outreach, we’re lucky enough to work with some fantastic blogging and social media influencers every single day.

Our Creative Team at Ingenuity Digital, love to work with influencers from all around the globe and who are at varying stages of their blogging and social media careers.

In this post, our team has shared with us a list of a small number of influencers they love and some of their favourite up and coming influencers too.

Influencers We Love

1.Megan Ellaby

Instagram Influencers
W: www.pagesbymegan.com

“Boasting over 100K followers, Megan Ellaby recently earned her blue tick on Instagram, which makes her the perfect candidate for our list, but that’s not the reason we picked her. Effortlessly cool, Megan is Manchester based and shares truly excellent images of the city, her beautiful apartment and her travels across the globe – and did we mention her incredible wardrobe?! She’s fast becoming a modern day ‘it-girl’ of the North, and one look at her Instagram account and it’s easy to see why.”

2. Sara Tasker
Instagram Influencers
W: www.meandorla.co.uk

“What is there to say about Sara of Me and Orla other than, WOW. Sara is an absolute wealth of knowledge when it comes to the world of social media, sharing valuable insights into everything from hashtags to the controversial Instagram algorithm – she even has a regular podcast. But our favourite thing about Me and Orla has got to be her images. Based just down the road from us in West Yorkshire, her fairytale-like feed is filled to the brim with gorgeous shots of the gorgeous and often moody countryside around her beautiful home, with the odd picture of her and her little girl, Orla mixed in for good measure.”

3. Katie Shelton 

Instagram Influencers

W: skunkboyblog.com

I: www.instagram.com/skunkboy_

“Regular contributor for A Beautiful Mess, Katie of Skunkboy is an influencer in her own right. Her retro-inspired blog features simple step-by-step guides for projects that you probably always wanted to try, but previously thought your attempts were more likely to end up going viral as a Pinterest Fails top 10. Katie also shares insights into her family life, with plenty of before and after home-makeover posts that are sure to make you green with envy!”

4. Alice Catherine
alice katherine

“We have watched Alice-Catherine absolutely bloom regarding her influencer status this past year or so, and with her almost effortless 60s inspired style, it’s not hard to see why. Both her Instagram and her blog are heavily fashion focussed, but she also touches on life in a brutally honest and incredibly endearing tone that makes parts of her life relatable to so many of us.”

5. Lennart Marlon


“German born and living, Lennart could have secured a place on our list due to his luscious locks alone but teamed with his following of almost 50K followers and his simple yet well-styled images, we think he’s well-deserving of a spot on the Influencers We Love list!”

6. Sabrina Cesari 

sabrina cesari

W: www.sabrinacesari.com

“A true fashionista and sheer royalty in the French blogging world with well over 100k followers. Originally from Beirut but currently living in the beautiful French town of Nancy, her blend of cultures is amazing. Sabrina’s excellent fashion choices are always on trend, and her fabulous images are certain to inspire.”

7. Erica Fox

 erica fox

W: www.retro-flame.com

“A breath of fresh air in the blogging world, Erika’s vast array of pictures are just so aesthetically beautiful. Documenting her lifestyle as an Irish girl living in New York, whether that be fashion, home interiors, beauty or fitness, you’re certain to find yourself constantly wanting to see her next move. With her growing number of followers behind her, Erika Fox is definitely one to follow!”

8. Carrie Santana de Silva

 Carrie Santana de Silva

W: www.wishwishwish.net

“No influencer list would be complete without Queen of the blogging world, Carrie – how can you not fall in love with her stunning pictures? Her attention to detail is second to none, documenting both her busy city life in London and her love for travel. Her use of vibrant colours can often make her Instagram seem like a dream world, not to mention her desirable fashion choices. A lover of all things adventure focussed, follow her on Instagram, and you won’t be far behind!”

One’s to Watch

1. Emma Lavelle

Emma Lavelle

W: fieldandnest.com
I: www.instagram.com/fieldandnest

“Emma is a regular sharer of images of her fantastic adventures both locally and on far off destinations. Her photos are simple and fuss-free, but the colours and hues are just gorgeous and remind us of a kind of a less-vibrant Wes Anderson movie.”

2. Katie Thirks

kate thirks

W: coldgirlfever.com
I: www.instagram.com/katiethirks

“We’ve been following local-to-us Katie on Instagram for some time now, so when she started writing more regularly on her blog, it was an absolute Brucey-bonus. Katie of Cold Fever Girl has an impressive Insta-following of 25K, and her feed is square upon square of her day-to-day life – the photos of her recent trip to Iceland are absolute to die for.”

3. Zoe Fidji & Gaspar Matheron

W: roaminglovers.fr
: www.instagram.com/roaminglovers

“French based couple, Zoe and Gaspar are frequent adventurers who share plenty of snaps of their travels to some truly breathtaking destinations. If this feed doesn’t give you the travel bug, then we don’t know what will!”

4. Alexandra Holyer

Alexandra Holyer

W: onserpentineshores.com

“Newly-wed Alexandra is the one for any couples looking for a little bit of wedding inspiration. Don’t worry if the wedding thing isn’t quite your scene, this isn’t exclusively a bridal account, scroll back a few posts, and you’ll find a diary-type account filled with beautifully curated images of the everyday life.”

5. Katharine Hollar

Katharine Hollar

W: hollerkat.com

“In all fairness, Kat could probably have made the “Influencers We Love” section too, but as her following was under 20K we popped her in the “One’s to Watch” category just for now. Everything about this girl screams cool, from her flawless makeup free skin to her Jean Shrimpton style doe eyes and her 60s bangs. Her feed is reminiscent of Alexa Chung meets a French new wave film.”

6. Amber McNaught

Amber McNaught

“Inspired by all things retro, Amber’s style will take you right back to the heart of the 50’s. With nearly 14k followers, Amber’s online presence is thriving, and it’s no surprise due to her elegant and crisp imagery teamed with incredible auburn locks. A lover of all things interior design, her Instagram is the go-to place for anyone looking for a little inspiration for their own home décor projects, thanks to her magnificent use of bright and vibrant colours!”

7. Joyce Meursing


W: www.justlikesushi.com

“Just Like Sushi will undoubtedly be one of the next big blogs out there. A true blogging professional, her images are something rather spectacular. Her quirky style, cat-lady status and documentation of her busy urban life instantly make her a loveable blogger. We can’t wait to follow her on her booming blogger journey!”

8. Lauren Britton

Instagram Influencers

W: www.brittonloves.co.uk
www.instagram.com/ laurenbrittonloves

“A lifestyle queen with a skill for photography (recently showing off her talents as a photographer for Blogosphere Magazine), Lauren’s art background makes her blog an absolute pleasure to read. Sharing insights into her personal life while also lending advice for maintaining a positive mindset, Lauren has produced an endearing blog that is inspiring to all.”


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