29/08/12 // Written by admin

Top Tips for Growing Your Audience with Content

Has your content production become stagnant? Are you simply spinning the same old ideas to the same audience? Perhaps it is time to start thinking about article writing and how you can use it to grow your online audience.

Niche Research – Regular research into your industry is never a waste of time. Keep on top of discussions going on within your niche and get involved in the conversation. Ensure your brand has an opinion on the changes that matter to your audience; chances are you will find increasing numbers of people in agreement with you.

Make it Link-worthy – Linkbait is there to attract links to your site, but it also drives new traffic. The more link-worthy your content, the more likely it is that greater numbers of people within your niche will discover your site and want to recommend you themselves, as a leading authority within the industry.

Targeted Distribution – When distributing your content, target it at pockets of people that would be potentially interested in what you have to say. Utilise social media platforms to promote your on-site content andindentify key influencers within your industry niche that already have followers in your target market.

Random Affinities – Ian Lurie, CEO of Portent in Seattle coined this term to describe topics with a random affinity that share a common audience. By tapping into these common audiences through your content creation, you can potentially increase the size of your own. Plan your content creation around topics of interest to your audience. If you know that a large number of your customers choose to cycle and a large number of cyclists own a tablet computer, you can create content around both topics.

Recycle Your Content – Recycling your older content can ensure your site stays fresh and up-to-date, naturally attracting a larger audience.

Recycled Content Infographic

If you are looking to expand your current content marketing strategy, speak to one of our in-house journalists today and learn how you can make the most of your content assets.