Milwaukee is a leading global manufacturer of portable electric power tools, providing heavy-duty equipment and accessories to professionals throughout the UK and beyond. Established in 1924, the company continues to produce some of the most reliable and robust tools on the market. Milwaukee UK noticed a sudden and unexplained drop in organic web traffic to its UK site.


increase in month on month
organic search visibility


increase in month on month
website clicks form organic search


increase in UK website traffic month on month

  • Identify the problem

  • Recover the flow of traffic quickly and efficiently

What we did
  • SEO Investigation

    Our SEO experts began by analysing search queries leading to the site, and soon found that the UK site’s ranking had dropped for the main branded terms around ‘Milwaukee.’ This was due to the coexistence of with the main European site, As both domains read in English, Google was choosing the latter to rank on page one.

  • Corrective Action

    Working alongside our connected agency Netconstruct, we were able to implement international SEO techniques to fix the problem. By manipulating Webmaster Tool’s geotargeting settings and herflang tags, Google was sent a signal that the UK version of the site should be listed on Google UK, rather than the European one.

  • Results Recovery

    It didn’t take long for the results to take effect, and for Milwaukee’s organic traffic flow to improve significantly.