13/03/24 // Written by Laura Jones

Ingenuity Digital Takes Its Next Step in Ambitious Growth Plan 

Created to cater to a growing audience and appetite for digital marketing in London, Ingenuity Digital first hit the scene in 2012. Alongside our sister agency WMG, we paved the way for the soon-to-be-formed idhl to take the digital world by storm.  

With WMG delivering exceptional results, we were created to help continue this incredible growth and foster a presence in London. At the forefront of the digital landscape, we wanted to firmly position ourselves within the hub of innovation in the UK.  

Now, 12 years after our inception, Ingenuity Digital is ready to take the next step in our ambitious growth plans. Part of the idhl Group, 2024 is the year we take our combined expertise across nine agencies and become one unified powerhouse, perfectly poised to take our experience global.  

Taking Things Up A Notch 

Dennis Engel, the brain behind WMG, wanted to diversify his business. Already dominating the local search landscape, he saw the opportunity for growth internationally and across a variety of sectors. And with that, the wheels were in motion for a new specialist agency to take the industry by storm.  

Needing a team to take his vision to the next level, Dennis sought out a leader to drive Ingenuity Digital forward. Dean Skidmore joined the ranks in 2012, helping to bring the newest digital agency in London to fruition and playing a pivotal role behind the scenes before our launch later that year.  

Dean carefully navigated the inception of our brand, building a skilled team to help cement our positioning. With one of our key focuses being international search marketing, we wanted to help big-name brands who were struggling to gain traction in overseas markets.  

All Good Things Come To Those Who Work  

If you can’t hack the heat, get out of the kitchen’, so the saying goes. And never has there been a truer sentiment for those looking to make the cut in London. Over the past 12 years, we have seen agencies come and go, often missing the mark in such a competitive landscape. When we first stepped into the space, we wanted to ensure we made an impact and that we could stand the test of time.  

Choosing to focus on select areas of expertise, our ethos was to be the best in our niche, rather than watering down our proposition. We built up our team, our talent and our knowledge, earning a reputation as one of the leading and most trusted agencies for search marketing. Homing in on select sectors, we became renowned for our expertise in key areas such as travel, legal, international SEO and professional services. Slowly adding to our repertoire, but never losing our focus, we created our consultative approach, enabling household names to see great success online. 

Initially a small team of just a few, we are now a 159-strong team, with experts in SEO, Digital PR, Outreach, Content, Paid and so much more. During this time, our parent company idhl has grown with us. From one agency to nine, we’re now home to some of the most reputable digital agencies in the UK with a toolbox ranging from search marketing to complex web builds.  

Onto Bigger and Better Things 

Over a decade after we first opened shop, we’re ready to embark on our most exciting journey yet. After taking the time to build up a network of agencies, each expert in their field, we’re taking our proposition up a notch.  

Bringing all our experience under one roof, idhl will become one unified agency. And while this means we’re saying goodbye to our name in June, we’re saying hello to a world of new opportunities.