20/11/17 // Written by Emma Phillips

Social Media Influencers – November Edition

Our creative outreach and PR Teams are always keen to stay up to date with the latest influencers, whether they’re new to the scene and making our carefully curated “One’s to Watch” list, or have been instagramming or blogging for years – each one has a unique style and voice and as such, is talented in their own rite.

Whether we’re creating exciting PR campaigns, running events, working on social media projects or planning our creative outreach projects, we’re adore collaborating with some of the best of the best of the influencer world – many of whom have helped us to create some fantastic content for our clients.

This month it’s the turn of our Junior Digital Marketing Executive, Bethany Harban to share some of the influencers and social media stars that have made her favourites list of late.

Jenelle Witty-Inspiring Wit



“At first glance, her Instagram is a blend of the most beautiful fashion choices, amazing travel destinations and best beauty buys. It’s also no surprise we are jealous of her wardrobe, with her effortless style mixed with a little rock and roll-she definitely has it spot on! Originally from Australia, she is a keen traveller, visiting envious places all around the world-if her images don’t give you the travel bug, we don’t know what will!”

Jessica-Almost Chic


“Full of chic, this Scottish blogger focusses her channels on all things lifestyle, documenting her enviable Glaswegian life. Her Instagram has a dreamy aesthetic appeal, with her use of grey and white filters which just ooze style and class! With a growing number of followers behind her, we are certain this girl will go far!”

Pauline-World Else



“We couldn’t resist adding this French beauty to the list. Her pictures are the definition of perfection and she is potentially the world’s greatest traveller?! We are super jealous of her recent travel destinations, not to mention she currently lives in New York! Her array of pictures will undoubtedly fill you with travel envy; we can’t wait to see where she jets off to next!”




“For those who are lovers of all things interior design (and maybe all things feline with her pet cats!), this is the blog to browse. Her creative flair is evident throughout all her eclectic images and will make you instantly reach for that paintbrush! If you are looking for some interior inspiration, this talented interior designer is definitely your gal!”

Poppy-Poppy Loves



“A true Londoner at heart, and if you don’t live in London, with her vast array of enviable pictures, Poppy will soon get you questioning your current location! Whether it’s yummy recipes you’re after, a novel to bury your head in, or even top tips to spruce up your home, Poppy has it all covered. It’s no wonder she has won various awards, she is definitely one to watch!”